Replacement Systems

If you require sympathetic advice or action please book for a consultation. With latest technology we can determine whether or not the follicle is still active or sadly dormant. If still active but not functioning 100% we have a course of treatments available that we have seen amazing results from, be it from many forms of alopecia, lupus, thyroid, hormonal, and many other disorders. If the need arises we can also safely and effectively (see pictures) add hair in the form of micro bonded extensions or hair replacements until the hair has once again gained its former volume / density.

In cases where the follicle is dormant and will not re-grow, we can offer a wonderful replacement in the form of non-surgical grafting (see men’s section) wigs and pieces.

VAT exemption is available to clients who wear wigs for necessity reasons. Customers who require wigs due to alopecia, hair loss as a result of chemotherapy treatment or any other medical condition that causes hair loss, and is confirmed by a GP, are classed as necessity wearers. If any of the above applies to you, you are entitled to receive the VAT off the cost of your wig at the time of purchase.

Please note: VAT exemption applies to wigs only and does not apply to accessories.

You may download the VAT Exemption Form HERE (pdf).

Do cover a bald or thinning area be it natural causes or loss through accident or scarring. We can mimic exact shape of loss, hand make and apply non-surgically apply for 4-6 weeks, completely undetectable, allowing you to complete freedom to pursue your sports and daily activities with out detection.

We also have a range of clip on pieces to use with tape, again hand or machine made that you can remove and apply yourself, eliminating the need for salon visits.

All of these hair replacements / additions can be in the form of human hair or synthetic to blend in with the texture and colour of your own hair.

Again many, many types available.

Bases – that can be grafted to your scalp for 4 to 6 weeks for those completely lacking in hair. These replacements are made from fine skin membrane and so very natural to look and touch – you would forget it’s not your own. All colours lengths and styles can be achieved.

Others available are 100% hand made to your requirements, wefted back and sides with skin membrane tops , less expensive than the previous mentioned but still natural looking with numerous styles, colours and textures to choose from, ideal for changes, holidays, temporary hair loss / thinning and fashion statements.

If quality workmanship is important and your looking for a knowledgeable professional who will work with you, listening to your every requirement and able to advise and recommend accordingly then WATTZ International is the company for you.

We have 29 different specifications of hair replacement systems in 65 variable colour ways at our disposal.

Single hair multidirectional knotting and implanting coupled with transparent fine materials, allow the stylist to design the hair system as if it were the clients own hair so producing an undetectable master piece.

Life can once again be as it was. Swimming, scuba diving, parachuting or just knowing you can have fun and relax at the same time!

Custom Made Hair Replacement Systems

We will make a hard mould of the shape of your skull to show the area to be covered by the hair replacement system. We will discuss all your requirements to have this custom piece personalised just for you. This will detail complexity of colour variants, density variants, length and movement of hair.

Any style, colour and length is achievable. Price will vary and can be discussed during the consultation appointment.

These hair replacement systems are amazingly natural. Please see the relevant page for more information and look at the pictures and Testimonies of Jackie, Sandra and Tracy who wear these systems.

Several options of fixing are available for this type of hair replacement, e.g. tape, clips micro pointing and Perimeter bonding. All these methods are extremely satisfactory and are selected with regard to the clients requirements and condition of scalp.

Have you ever marvelled at how incredibly natural, hair appears on some Hollywood stars who we know wear hair replacements

For years, professionals have tried to discover the techniques used to achieve such remarkable results. Now you can achieve the same results at an affordable price!

Here’s How! Instead of using a material that covers your skin, we use a fine lace that will show 100% of your scalp. Finest human hair is painstakingly knotted, one at a time onto the lace. When placed on your skin it will magically disappear. The hair will seem to be growing out of your scalp.

These very techniques have given Hollywood stars their natural heads of hair and youthful appearances. Come and see this invisible hairline for yourself and prepare to be very impressed.

M.G.H.R. (Miracle Graft Hair Replacement) is the worlds most advanced non surgical hair graft.

Single human hairs are implanted one at a time into a transparent copolymer membrane, which is as thin as fine paper.

This membrane is undetectable by sight and touch when adhered to the prepared scalp using a medically approved adherent. It will stay attached to the scalp for up to one month, after which we remove it, prepare the scalp and reattach it. It feels like your own scalp and hair and is so very easy to maintain. The membrane does not wrinkle, there are no lumps or bumps.

M.G.H.R. is a masterpiece (Miracle Graft Hair Replacement)