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One of the worst things to befall any man or woman is hair loss. We are constantly reminded of our looks every time we see our reflection in the mirror or catch ourselves passing in a shop window. Today one puts so much importance on image/looks and youth. The media is constantly reminding us of “the beautiful people.” When in reality many of our idols have the same flaws that so many of us are unhappy with. You would be surprised at the amount of celebs that suffer with hair loss. Many different cover ups are used in the form of, volumisers, hair replacement systems, wigs, hair prosthesis, or simply cosmetic scalp makeup. All these aids and many more are available to assist us in our quest to cover our hair loss, thus affording us a more youthful appearance, there for regaining our self esteem and confidence.

At Wattz International we are very aware of the courage it has taken you to visit us and how vulnerable, apprehensive and anxious you must be feeling. Don’t let that become a barrier to eliminating your hair loss situation. Wattz International enjoy a very highly professional and respected reputation within the industry, We enjoy recommendations from trichologists, several oncology departments, within NHS hospitals, Hairline International, hair merchants, and many eminent figures within our industry and throughout our hair loss clientele. We have also been asked to demonstrate hair replacement systems to St Thomas’s hospital, where Jackie was our model. This reputation is born from our skill, with 40 years experience, professionalism and integrity.

Then, armed with enough available information, book your consultation to return your hair to its former beauty, leaving you to “get on with LIFE”. The consultation appointment for hair loss is free of charge, all we ask if you do make an appointment and need to cancel for whatever reason, that you give us as much notice as possible as we do have many clients wishing to book these appointments for hair loss.

I very much look forward to welcoming you to Wattz International.

Warmest regards…

  • We look at your personal situation.
  • We listen carefully to your history, fears and hopes.
  • We offer you our best advise with the knowledge we have gained through 40 years experience.
  • We discuss at length all the pros and cons for each and every option available to your personal situation.
  • We are happy to discuss at length all the financial and time commitments over the years you may come to expect concerned with your hair loss.

We are privileged in that we enjoy a fantastic professional and sympathetic team who will endeavour to make your visit with us as pleasant and pampered as possible.

Although we are sited in a luxury hair spa , we have a private clinic within, if you feel more comfortable we can also offer those special hair loss clients a separate private entrance.

However wouldn’t it be nice to feel free again to visit a luxury hair spa and enjoy the extra treats that are available to others. Well now you can, still within a discreet manner to match your individual comfort needs.

The following are just some of the questions you need to be asking to be able to make “the right decision”.

  • Is your hair loss permanent or temporary?
  • Does the ‘site’ of your hair loss move as in Alopecia Areata or Trichotillomania?
  • As your hair loss situation improves or deteriorates, can the replacement be adapted?
  • Does the “new hair” look and feel natural?
  • Will the colour and texture match your own hair?
  • Sensitivity – will the “new hair” feel comfortable?
  • Style?
  • Price?
  • Privacy?
  • Distance?
  • Can all this be achieved in a caring, relaxing and enjoyable environment?

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