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Diffused Alopecia caused by Psoriasis – Sandra’s Story

“Is that really me? That’s what I said the first time I had extensions in my hair, which all came about by accident
whilst drinking coffee with a friend. She asked me what would make me happy? Without hesitation I said, “to have long thick hair like you”, within seconds I had a phone in my hand and was making an appointment for a consultation with Christine, which has changed my life.
I have always suffered with psoriasis on my scalp which has left me with thinning hair, the sort of hair that does not want anyone standing behind you in a lift or following you down an escalator!

Winter was always good because I could wear a hat, I have loads!

But now everything is different, my extensions looked so natural and felt amazing. I remember the first time I left the
salon I could not stop looking at my reflection in shop windows thinking, “is that really me”!!

Unfortunately last year my hair loss had progressed due to my condition and I did not have enough hair to cover the
extension bonds, This was hard to come to terms with but now I have a fantastic real hair replacement. I cannot explain how it makes me feel.

Coming to see Christine at the clinic has been great, I know she will always be honest with me, she makes me feel human again and its great fun! Together we have explored all the options available to me, if my hair loss worsens, so I don’t need to get depressed any longer knowing I will always have hair even better than my own. I look great and feel fantastic – confident to deal with every new day. If we are honest, we all have a person we dream of being (mine is Madonna!) but I have to be realistic, especially as I am a menopausal 50 ish mum of two girls, who love my new look and love the confidence it has given me.

I wish I had done this years ago. If I can do it anyone can, it’s a great experience, just go for it!!

Genetic Fine Hair – Debbie’s Story

Dear Christine,
I would like to thank you for all you have done for me. I have had really fine hair on the top of my head for years, I believe it to be a family trait.

I hated my hair and I hated going to the hairdressers even more. I have now just had my 4th visit/treatment with you Christine at Wattz International.

I travel overnight from Cumbria and I really look forward to seeing you and having my hair transformed. I have enjoyed my hair being dark, blonde and highlighted. I can now have any style or colour I want.

I actually really enjoy my salon experience at Wattz International even though I have my treatment in Christine’s private room. I can still experience the Wattz luxury salon environment with unlimited refreshments, friendly staff and oh! those massage chairs.

I am more than happy to continue travelling all this distance to get the hair I have always wanted and made to feel special and important during the time I spend with you.

Thank you again and I look forward to seeing my before and after photos.

See you soon Christine.

Love Debbie.